I have always been a storyteller.

As a reporter I tried to practice what I later preached as an editor: the four most powerful words in the world are, "Tell me a story."

Stories inform us, of course. They also bind us together as a culture, guide us between sin and temptation, teach us right from wrong. No matter how they are packaged—ink on paper, light on the viewfinder, pixels on a screen—they have the power to soothe or outrage, to satisfy or disappoint.

Over time I have come to realize my whole life is organized and shaped by an inner narrative I sometimes don’t even recognize. The times when I do realize it and set my sails to follow are the happiest, most productive times of my life.

As a newspaperman, my life was often congruent with my narrative whether I realized it or not. The disciplines and imperatives of daily journalism were a rich atmosphere for a person like me. Now, in a less directive and more reflective time of life, it’s a different challenge. The stories often are more circumscribed, the audiences smaller.

No matter. I am a storyteller still. This website is meant to illuminate that for those who wonder, to show some of what I’ve done and perhaps pass along some of what I’ve learned (yes, often the hard way).

This is part of my story. Welcome.